The family winery
in Langenlois

The family winery
in Langenlois

since 1656

Well, the intonation was and will always be put on the word family. After being mentioned in books the first time in 1656, nowadays Renate and Günter as well as their children Christian, Alexander and
Petra are continuing the wine legacy of family Nastl. Langenlois, home to family Nastl, is Austrias biggest wine-growing town and situated in the heart of the romantic Kamp valley in Lower Austria.

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THE original „Sausemmel“
Legendary since 1992!

Family Nastl

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What would wine be good for, if you can’t enjoy it properly?
That’s why, since generations, we are
striving to offer the perfect place to
enjoy Nastl wines.

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Heuriger: We are open from 4. August to 31. Oktober, daily at 16:00 Uhr, closed on Sunday and Monday