Our family

Christian & Eveline mit Elias & Emmerich

The creative soul and the tinkerer. While Christian spends a lot of time in the cellar and vineyard, Eveline acts in the background and is responsible for the creative implementation of many ideas! After work, there is a glass of Grüner Veltliner Kittmannsberg at home, almost every day, as a reward.

Our whole family.


Renate is our marketing brain and she loves to cook. She knows everything about her ingredients for cooking and producer. To find new recipes and to plan new marketing activities, she loves to drink our Veltliner – der VelKam


The boss still loves nothing more than being in the fresh air in the vineyard every day and watching the development of our vines. When he starts to philosophize about all these things over a glass of Grüner Veltliner Steinmassl, often with more mature vintages, he knows why this job is still as much fun as it was at the beginning. ake such wines and, as a passionate Heurigenwirt, he is also the ideal host to bring our guests closer to the wines from near and far.

Lisa & Alexander

Although Alexander was born in the cradle of wine, he now works in the insurance industry. He likes to jump in at the winery at any time when there is a need and is dedicated to social media activities, with a glass of Riesling Langenlois the flashes of inspiration come all the faster.

Petra & Christoph

Petra and Christoph go different ways professionally as social workers and software developers. But both are very happy to help with the Heurigen. They prefer to enjoy their favorite wines, Pinot Blanc and Grüner Veltliner Langenlois with friends and family.

We with
our families

Petra & Christoph
Alexander & Lisa
Christian & Eveline